Travel Reimbursement

You are required to request travel funds from your home institution first. 

In cases where your own department or other sources can not cover the cost of travel to and from the conference, a small pool of travel funds is available. To apply for travel support, please email to request travel support before Dec. 14th, 2022. Travel funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to ask for documentation that attendees first sought funding from their home department before making an award. This documentation will take the form of a letter (on university letterhead or by email) from their department manager or chair stating the level of funding provided by the department, and is applicable even in the case where no funds are provided by your home department. This documentation should be emailed to 

Completing an online W-9 form will be required to reimburse your travel. Travel costs are typically reimbursed after the conference. Before you book a plane ticket or any other travel-related expense costing more than $100, you must first email the cost and itinerary to to receive advance permission prior to incurring the cost. Significant costs which are not pre-approved may not be reimbursed.

Driving to the Conference

Carpooling is usually the most economical option and hence is strongly encouraged. Students should estimate the costs of air  travel vs. car travel, taking into account the efficiencies of carpooling. Choose the least expensive option. Please email if choice is questionable; you may need to keep/provide paperwork showing how the transportation decision was made. As of 7/1/22, Iowa's mileage rate is $0.625/mile. Receipts are required for tolls and parking charges, if applicable.

Air Travel

The area is served by the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Airport (CID). Contact to arrange shuttles/transportation to and from the airport. 

Only coach/economy class will be reimbursed. Travel funds do not cover upgrades (e.g., the purchase of extra legroom), early boarding, flight insurance, or the cost of a booking agent. Unless your department is fully covering your airfare, you must receive approval from University of Iowa for your airfare purchase (see Travel Reimbursement information above). Requests for airfare reimbursement (even partial) may be denied if the student does not receive prior approval.

After notification of your acceptance to the conference, you should immediately investigate flight options if this is the travel route you expect to take. Send the details of your preferred flight to with the subject line "Flight approval Request -- X" where "X" is replaced with your name. Please allow up to one week for the LOC to review your request and provide a decision via email.

NOTE: Conference organizers expect all flights to be purchased no later than one month before the conference. If a student delays the approval process or waits to purchase a flight after approval has been given resulting in a higher expense, she/he may be denied full reimbursement of the airfare purchase. Also, frequent flyer mileage cannot be used in lieu of a ticket wherein the traveler expects to receive reimbursement for a comparably priced ticket although she/he has used mileage.

Transportation to/from the Airport

Transport to your home airport: For transport from your home institution to your home airport, the use of public transportation is encouraged whenever possible. In the case that a shared ride or taxi service is used, please search for the most economical option. Limo or luxury vehicle services are not allowed.

Transport from CID to the conference: An shuttle will run between the Cedar Rapids Airport (CID) and Iowa House Hotel (IHH) on Friday January 20th. Service will begin at 1:00pm with pickup every hour from baggage claim (e.g., 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm). If your flight arrives outside of these times, you are welcome to use a rideshare app (Uber or Lyft is typically available and the most cost effective). Note that airport cabs to Iowa City typically run ~$100. Note that as University of Iowa is providing transportation from the CID airport to the Iowa House Hotel, and any cab/ride-sharing service following arrival at CID is not a reimbursable expense.

In case of flight delays or emergency, call 319-467-0370 and a conference representative can arrange a ride. 

Transport from conference back to CID: At the end of the conference on Jan. 22nd, the shuttle will run as needed to take attendees to CID with service ending at 3pm.