CUWiP Poster Guidelines

CUWiP attendees are encouraged to present a poster on any scientific research you have been involved with. The poster session will be Saturday January 21st, prior to dinner. We seek to provide a welcoming environment and lively discussion for all presenters. However, if you have not been involved in research or do not feel comfortable presenting your research, don’t worry! Engage with the presenters during the poster session and learn about how you can become involved in undergraduate research.

When You Register

Submit a short poster title and abstract. Please keep abstracts short and to the point (~250 words or less, though there is no hard limit).

Important Information

To ensure your poster fits on our boards, please limit poster size to 3’ x 4’ (36” x 48”), landscape orientation. You must print and bring your poster with you to the CUWiP. We encourage you to ask your home institution to help you print the poster.

Some Suggestions

Content. The poster should include (1) a short title, (2) student’s name, (3) collaborator(s) and adviser(s) names, and (4) their department(s), (5) funding sources, (6) research objectives, (7) scientific background and significance to the field, (8) methods, (9) results/findings, (10) interpretation of results, (11) conclusions and directions for future research, (12) references.

All text and figures should be legible from a distance of 4 to 6 feet.

All language should be clear and unnecessary jargon avoided. CUWiP attendees span many disciplines within physics – don’t assume everyone has the same scientific vocabulary. Remember what it was like when you first started research. Limit the length of text – well thought out pictures, drawings, charts, figures, etc. can convey more information than a large block of text. See the poster judging ballot at the bottom of the page. 

All components of the poster should be easy to follow even in the absence of the presenter.

If you’ve never made a research poster before, look at examples from your department or online. Practice explaining your poster to friends, labmates, classmates, etc. Get excited!


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